Tables of Estimates

The next example shows how to use Jann's esttab command in conjunction with markstat to generate a nice table of estimates. The code below fits two models to the fuel efficiency data and then compares them side-by-side. We use the strict syntax and supress command echoing to produce a dynamic report. Here is the input:

A Table of Estimates

The table below shows estimated differences in fuel efficiency between
foreign and domestic cars with and without adjustment for weight, using
gallons per 100 miles as the outcome.

    quietly sysuse auto, clear
    quietly gen gphm = 100/mpg
    eststo clear
    quietly eststo: regress gphm foreign
    quietly eststo: regress gphm foreign weight

We see that on average foreign cars are more economical, but
if we adjust for weight they are less fuel efficient, using
`s %3.1f _b[foreign]` gallons *more* instead of one gallon
*less* per 100 miles.

<style>pre.stata { border:none; }</style>

And this is how this is rendered by the command markstat using estimates, strict.


Here we simply listed the table of estimates as part of the output. Stata output usually has a border, but I removed it with the css rule that appears at the end of the script.

An alternative is to have esttab generate a file with the table in html format and then .include it in the document. Unfortunately the table includes horizontal rules that conflict with Pandoc’s table borders.